Pétanque experience at Rosslyn Rhinos terrain


Pétanque (pronounced pay-TONK), the French call it boules, is a very popular worldwide sport that is played at over 30 terrains across Scotland. Watch the video of the Rosslyn Rhinos terrain being created and listen to the song "Born to Play" HERE. The experience will provide you with an opportunity to learn and play a new sport to see if you were "Born to Play" and includes: A one hour coaching lesson to learn the game and then play a game at Rosslyn Rhinos pétanque terrain in Roslin Park, Midlothian; A set of pétanque boules so you can play at the Rosslyn Rhinos terrain (or other terrains) whenever you like; Three months free membership of Rosslyn Rhinos Pétanque Club - allowing you to attend club games on Sundays at 1pm and Tuesdays at 10.30am. On purchase we will post out a voucher which includes booking instructions and is valid for 6 months.

Price: £25.00