Extreme Bowls launched at Scotscraig Bowling Club

Posted Sep 23, 2019

Scotscraig Bowling club hosted a new format of bowls last week named ‘Extreme Bowls’. The new ‘fun’ bowls format ran by Lawn Bowls UK (LBUK) has been hosted twice by Rosslyn Bowling Club. After the success of these trial games at Rosslyn, Scotscraig volunteered to support the new exciting game.

Extreme bowls offers a new path to the traditional way bowls is played. In summary, it is a 3 bowl pairs with a unique scoring system.

You can view a video of the day at youtu.be/RUSOMYX0hQU and all our videos on our channel at youtube.com/channel/UCIzcoGHik


After the two opposing leads have played 3 points is given to the team with the closest bowl to the jack. After the skips have played 4 points are awarded to the team with the closest bowl, and 2 to the second closest. There is an additional bonus point for every time someone hits the jack with their bowl.

This format of scoring ensures that everyone in the team can contribute to the scoring system, as well as offering a more competitive way of scoring points than the traditional closest bowl. Games are played for around 25 minutes, music is played during ‘game time’ as entertainment and adds an additional element of fun, in which many people enjoyed.


The tournament ran with four groups of four pairs and the four group winners were decided as semifinalists. Which lined up in the form of:

Mark Stewart/Crawford Phin VS Tim/Andrew Hewett
Brian Taylor/Graham Ewart VS Scott Imrie/Sandy Willocks

All games were eagerly fought, but the fun element was the key factor and as the sun shone the finalists were decided. Mark and Crawford faced Brian and Graham. Mark and Crawford took an early lead in the first few ends and never looked back and they went onto win the overall tournament.


Scotscraig Bowling Club posted after the event on Facebook, with high praise and many positive comments:

 “I would like to thank Mike Goldsmith for bringing his new bowls format to Scotscraig Bowling Club. Only the 3rd tournament of its kind and was an overwhelming success. Thank you also to Mike's daughters; Lorna and Katrina for coming along and taking pics and making some videos, we really appreciate your time and help to make it happen”.

Lawn Bowls UK commented:

 “We enjoyed the day and great to see so many people trying something different and enjoying the day. Would love to come back again next year and assist with the next Extreme Bowls day.”

Bowlers who played in the event also positively commented;

“Thoroughly enjoyed the format and hope it’s played again,

Very enjoyable afternoon, sun, laughter and good banter,

Most enjoyable and weather was good as well”


In the future Lawn Bowls UK will be looking for more Bowling Clubs to host Extreme Bowls events and will offer bowling shirts to event winners from sponsors TEAMGOLD kits.

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