Alistair Griffin Bowls Over Galashiels

Posted Oct 01, 2018

As the outdoor bowling season draws to a close there is one more event left for the year. A very special live show from accomplished singer songwriter Alistair Griffin. From North Yorkshire the singer talks about playing unique venues and admits many people were asking where Galashiels was. This can only be good publicity, after all having a notable musician in your local bowling club is not something that happens every day.

The night was split in two parts. The slower acoustic songs and the second part accompanied by guitarist Rob and Alistair’s acoustic guitar for a more upbeat sound. The gifted musician entertained the room with his anthemic songs ‘Blinding Lights’, ‘Just Drive’ notably used for Formula 1 coverage on Sky Sports. Alistair played several covers from The Killers and his own take on ‘This is me’ from the recent hit film The Greatest Showman these covers can be found on his latest album ‘Dreamers on the Run’. In-between songs Alastair brought his cheeky banter to the room innocently joking about the ongoing rivalry between Border towns, instigating a stir in the crowd.

As Alistair comes to the end of his set list after nearly 3 hours, the crowd don’t want him to leave. He takes requests from the audience and ends up staying on stage for another five songs. Eventually he leaves the stage after a cover of the iconic Scottish song ‘500 miles’ and the audience were still wanting more. One attendee quoted on the night:

"I was blown away, myself and our group all had a brilliant night. A very talented and accomplished singer and musician who entertained us with a set of his own compositions and a number of great covers with his own take on them that were as good as if not better than the originals. The banter with the audience between songs was also very funny and entertaining. We will all be back again to the next gig when Alistair next plays in Scotland."

Overall, it was a fantastic night. To see a bowling club, attract an accomplished musician to entertain bowlers is fantastic publicity for the sport. Make sure you catch Alistair Griffin on tour across the country.

Photos from the night can be viewed at Lorna Goldsmith Photography