League matchs

Posted Aug 06, 2018 07:08

Can you tell me the easiest way of selecting bowlers for upcoming league games.
Posted Aug 17, 2018 09:25
Selecting a bowls team needs to take into account many factors so there is not one formula that fits all. I can give you a few points that from my experience should be taken into account but what works best at an individual’s own club depends on their own specific circumstances.
Often the selection goes hand in hand with manging the team and like any management role in sport and business takes certain skill to do it well. There are good and bad managers like in any walk of life. In many ways it can be harder in bowls than in other areas because in bowls there are many factors to take into account such as the diversity of ages, strong personalities and many are set in their way having been bowling for very long time.
Difficulties in making changes - Players that have been great in the past and their bowling skills are in decline it is hard for them to accept that they will now play in a different position. It can take a lot of people management skills to explain the changes and why they are not getting a game at the moment. Unfortunately it is inevitable that some are going to take it badly and perhaps refuse to play in the future.
Selection team – you could consider having an independent knowledgeable person watching, plus also involve skips in decisions,
Ways to improve team
Give opportunities to other players – who are doing well
Get together – include skills identification task and make it fun
Keep a team together for a few weeks at a time – rather than making constant changes. However keeping the same team together all the time can lead to them becoming stale and think their place is guaranteed regardless of how well they play. So some changes are to a team should be made as it can be good for players to play with different bowlers.
Skips have different styles and consider matching player to those styles – the one that I see that get the most out of bowlers are those that positively motivate by encouraging and congratulating bowlers when they play a good shot. The ones that moan and complain when a bowlers is not playing their best tend to demotivate the team and leads to other bowlers not wanting to be in the same team. Bowls should be about enjoying your bowls and things like a moaning skip put people of bowls.
I hope this helps and gives you some ideas for consideration.
All the best