Help please

Posted Jun 20, 2017 09:53
As being very new to the hobby of bowls I wonder whether any of the more experienced of you would be good enough to answer a couple of questions.  Is there anywhere in the UK that you can go and try different models of bowls as club bowls available where I am are very limited in size and draw.  Can anyone tell me whether Aero Bowls are as accurate and as consistent as they claim to be in their advertising ?

Many thanks
Posted Jun 20, 2017 12:30
Mick, glad to learn that you have taken up bowls. What happens at our club is that there is a wide variety of bowls that people use and when you want to try out other types or sizes the members will let you have a try of their bowls. Appreciate that may be a problem at your club if there is not a veriety of bowls being used.

I am based in Scotland and we visited the Taylor bowls factory in Glasgow where the bowls are made and they allow you to try out the bowls on their mini rink, see the news item on the left hand menu "Video on how Taylor Bowls are made" you can see a picture of the practice rink. Not aware of others that offer this opportunity to try out the bowls.

Bowlers generally are very helpful perhaps playing against other clubs or going to open competitions when you are playing someone with bowls you like I am sure most will be willing to let you have a try of them at the end of the game.

I used Taylor Ace's and decided to try out the Aero's and played with the Groove for a year. The bowls are as accurate as any others. However I went back to my Ace's as preferred the bigger finish on them, a nice curl at the end. My Aero Grooves did not have that, it is more of a constant arc.
Posted Jun 20, 2017 19:36
Many thanks Mike for your quick and helpful response.  Me and my wife who I mentioned are new to this sport have found trying to choose the right bowl a bit of a minefield.  We have tried out a number of club bowls as well as buying a couple of sets of cheap old bowls from ebay but have found 9 times out of 10 that the bowls charts for the models are very inaccurate.  Whether as bowls get older they in some way lose the accuracy of their bias I do not know but the only set so far that have come near to the advertised bias is a set of Henselite Classic II Deluxe which my wife uses.  I bought an old set of Lignoids that have a straighter line than an old set of Vectors that I use and this was the main reason for asking about Aero and their consistency.  Many thanks again
Posted Jun 21, 2017 11:35
Mick, I have found that the manufacturers charts do give you a good indication of the path of the bowl. Over time the path may alter sligthtly as the bowls wears down a bit and that is put forward as one of the reasons for needing very old bowls retested (the current bowls stamp being the oval shaped stamp).

Having used two manufacturers bowls the path of the bowls is consistent with the charts they issue. However how much grass you give the bowl will depend on whether it is a fast or slow green. Other players that use the same manufacturer but a different bowl type will normally follow a path similar to the charts.

However how someone delivers the bowl can affect the line. So two players with identical bowls and weights may have different lines as the bowls can leave the hands as different angles depending on their delivery style.

Hope that is of some help.