General bowls discussion

Posted May 14, 2016 10:46
Use this forum for any general bowls discussion points.
Posted Jun 18, 2018 11:53
Hi Mike .... Gary here from Australia ... Velocity Bowls .... mate the video is great .... do you have a set of guidelines for the Target draw bowls .... would be great to get this started over here in conjunction with yourself of course.
Posted Jun 18, 2018 13:25
Hi Gary

Thanks for your posting. The 4 bowls challenge we have created works as per the video that I have just uploaded to our YouTube channel you can view it now at

You can adapt it for you own purposes and even use a variety of ways. The hardest way would be the way that we have created this challenge being - 2 points for first bowl in nearest circle, 3 points for second bowl, 4 points for third bowl and 10 points for the last bowl (completely inside the circle marked 5 points). So a total of 19 points to complete the challenge. Starting with the nearest circle and ending with the furthest away.

The 2 point circle is set at minimum distance, the 5/10 point circle at maximum distance and the 3 and 4 points circles at equal distanced between the other 2 circles.

If having a competition at your club you could make it easier to allow them to try and put a bowl in every circle in any order. If they missed the 10 pointer with their first bowl then they could then try and score as many points as possible in any circles with their 4 bowls. A prize being given to the highest score on the day.

All the best