Extreme Bowls - new fun bowls format

Videos from events have been created and can be viewed on the Extreme Bowls YouTube channel.

Lawn Bowls UK will be looking for more Bowling Clubs to host Extreme Bowls events and will offer bowling shirts to event winners from sponsors TEAMGOLD kits.

Enjoy Lawn Bowls

We have created this video to show why so many enjoy lawn bowls. Try lawn bowls at your local bowling club - all clubs welcome new bowlers and they will be delighted to introduce you to this great sport played by millions across the world. Click here to view all more videos.



  1. To operate as a web based bowls coaching and information provider
  2. To help promote and develop bowls, mainly in the UK, and encourage participation in bowls including opportunities for junior bowlers
  3. To highlight opportunities for bowlers to help improve their bowling and to encourage participation in competitions that will assist with their bowling development
  4. To highlight to bowlers the options open to them to earn a part or the whole of their future livelihood from the game of bowls
  5. To sponsor and promote selected bowls competitions especially those that encourage entries from younger bowlers


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More Information

Articles to follow.